Sermon on matthew 21 28-32

Title: "The Parable of Two Sons: Responding to God's Call

Sermon on matthew 21 28-32: Today, we explore one of Jesus’ parables found in Matthew 21:28-32, a story that challenges us to examine our response to God’s call.

Title: “The Parable of Two Sons: Responding to God’s Call” here’s a Preaching based on Matthew 21:28-32:

Sermon on matthew 21 28-32

I. The Parable of Two Sons (Matthew 21:28-30):

  • In this parable, Jesus tells of a father who asks his two sons to go work in the vineyard.
  • The first son resists at first, but eventually changes his mind and goes to work.
  • The second son agrees to accompany his father but does not travel to the vineyard.

II. Lessons from the Parable: A. The Importance of Obedience:

  • The parable underscores the significance of obedience to God’s call and commandments.
  • The first son, despite his initial refusal, demonstrates obedience through his actions.

B. The Danger of Empty Words:

  • The second son’s agreement to go to the vineyard was only lip service. He failed to follow through with action.
  • Mere words without corresponding deeds are insufficient.

III. The Application to Our Lives: A. Examining Our Responses:

  • Let us take a moment to examine our responses to God’s call in our lives. Are we quick to say yes but slow to act, or do our actions align with our words?

B. The Call to Repentance:

  • Like the first son who changed his mind, we are called to repentance and a willingness to turn from our disobedience.
  • True repentance leads to a transformation of heart and action.

C. Avoiding Hypocrisy:

  • The second son represents hypocrisy, where outward appearances do not align with inner intentions.
  • Let us strive for authenticity in our faith, ensuring that our actions reflect our professed beliefs.

IV. The Message of Grace (Matthew 21:31-32):

  • Jesus closes the story by recognizing that tax collectors and prostitutes, who had previously lived in disobedience, were responding to John the Baptist’s summons and entering God’s kingdom.
  • The Pharisees and religious authorities, who appeared to be virtuous but lacked true repentance, were deprived of God’s kingdom.

V. Conclusion:

Sermon on matthew 21 28-32

  • As we reflect on this parable, let us remember that God values our willingness to obey and follow through with action.
  • True discipleship entails not only expressing faith but also demonstrating it through our actions and attitudes on a daily basis.

Closing Prayer:

  • Heavenly Father, we thank You for the lesson found in the Parable of Two Sons. Help us to be obedient to Your call, to live authentically, and to put our faith into action. May the way we live reflect Your grace and love. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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