Pastor Dr. J. Drew Conley

Pastor Dr. J. Drew Conley: Drew Conley received the call to become the lead pastor of Hampton Park Baptist Church in 2002. Pastor Conley, who holds a Ph.D. in Theology from Bob Jones University, relocated to Hampton Park from the Columbia, South Carolina, metropolitan area, where he planted the Kennerly Road Baptist Church in Irmo and served as pastor for nine years. He and his wife, Mary Ellen, have two sons.

Under Pastor Conley’s direction, Hampton Park remains a church dedicated to bringing God honor by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone in our community and beyond.

Pastor Dr. J. Drew Conley

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Devotion True by Pastor Dr. J. Drew Conley

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The Coming Servant of the Lord by Pastor Dr. J. Drew Conley

The Plot and the Plan by Pastor Dr. J. Drew Conley

God at the Graveside by Pastor Dr. J. Drew Conley

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