Munther Isaac – “Christ in the Rubble” Sermon

Munther Isaac – “Christ in the Rubble” Sermon: Dear brothers and sisters, today we gather with open hearts to explore a profound truth—finding Christ in the rubble of our lives. In times of brokenness, when our world seems shattered, it is in the midst of the rubble that the light of Christ shines most brilliantly.

Title: “Christ in the Rubble: Finding Hope Amidst Brokenness”

Section 1: “The Rubble of Our Lives” Life often presents us with challenges, trials, and moments of devastation. It might be the rubble of broken relationships, shattered dreams, or the remnants of personal struggles. In these moments, we may wonder, “Where is Christ?”

Section 2: “Immanuel – God With Us” Drawing inspiration from the message of Christmas, we remember that Christ’s arrival was in the humblest of places—a stable, surrounded by the simplicity and messiness of life. Similarly, He is present in the rubble of our lives, reminding us that He is Immanuel—God with us.

Section 3: “The Cross as the Ultimate Rubble” Reflecting on the central symbol of our faith—the cross—we recognize that it, too, was a form of rubble. Yet, in that brokenness, redemption and resurrection emerged. The cross teaches us that Christ is intimately acquainted with suffering and is not a distant observer but a compassionate participant in our struggles.

Section 4: “Hope Amidst the Ruins” Just as flowers can bloom in the cracks of a sidewalk, hope can sprout in the midst of our brokenness. Christ in the rubble is a beacon of hope, inviting us to see beyond the immediate devastation to the potential for new life, growth, and transformation.

Conclusion: In concluding our reflection on “Christ in the Rubble,” let us remember that our faith is not an escape from the brokenness of the world but an invitation to discover Christ’s presence amidst it. May we find comfort, strength, and renewed hope as we embrace the reality that, even in the rubble, Christ is at work, making all things new.

As we navigate the complexities of life, may we carry with us the assurance that Christ in the rubble is the source of our resilience, the anchor of our hope, and the light that guides us through the darkest moments.


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