Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

Evangelist Rolfe Barnard:Rolfe Barnard (1904–1969) was clearly a prophet from God for the twentieth century. With a deep understanding of Jesus Christ’s total sovereignty and glory, he was able to teach a message that led to sin conviction. Throughout his ministry, he maintained what he called a “sweetheart love for the Lord Jesus,” which is clearly evident in his messages.

Be prepared for a SHOCK if you enjoy the status quo sort of preaching, but rest assured that if you seek the complete counsel of God, the late Evangelist Rolfe P. Barnard will lay it out in clear language that you will never forget!

Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

Here are the list of amazing sermon with audio and Pdf Free MP3 Download,

The unpardonable sin by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

When will revival come by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

Pearl Before Swine by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

The God Nobody Is Mad At by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

The Solemn Thought by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

The Lordship of Christ in the Local Church by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

ZACCHAEUS – Brief Bit of Humor by Evangelist Rolfe Barnard

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