Dr. Ronnie L. Baity

Dr. Ronnie L. Baity: Dr. Ronnie L. Baity is the founding pastor of Berean Baptist Church, which is now located at 4135 Thomasville Road in Winston-Salem, NC. The Church was officially established on the second Sunday of November 1980. The Church began with 38 members and was originally located about 1 mile south of its current location, near the intersection of Willard Road and Thomasville Road, in a modest “store front” structure. The church today serves almost 500 people each Sunday and spreads the gospel of Christ throughout their neighborhood through Sunday School Classes, Bus Ministry, and Christian School, as well as weekly television and radio broadcasts. Pastor Baity serves on a number of boards, including the North Carolina Christian School Association and Emmanuel Baptist University.

He also serves as a Police Chaplain for the Winston-Salem Police Department and the local Internal Revenue Service. He is married to the former Linda Mathis from Winston-Salem. Pastor and Mrs. Baity have two children, Jeffrey and Penny, and five grandchildren.

Dr. Ronnie L. Baity

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