Dr. Jay E. Adams

Dr. Jay E. Adams: Reformed Christian author Jay E. Adams (born January 30, 1929) holds a doctorate in preaching, but he is most known for his book Competent to Counsel, which makes the claim that any Christian has a higher level of competence in counseling than any non-religious psychologist. Sermon Analysis: A Preacher’s Personal Improvement Textbook and Workbook is a book he recently wrote.

More than 100 of his novels have been published, and they have been translated into 16 languages. American Presbyterian author Jay Edward Adams authored over a hundred books. He obtained his doctorate in preaching, and his publications have been translated into sixteen other languages.

Dr. Jay E. Adams

Here are the list of amazing sermon with audio and Pdf Free MP3 Download,

4 Q and A on Biblical Counseling with Dr. Jay E. Adams Pt 2 Counseling Conference 2001  Berean Community Church

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2 Biblical Basis for Christian Counseling Part 2 by Dr. Jay E. Adams

1 Biblical Basis for Christian Counseling Part 1 by Dr. Jay E. Adams

Jonah Chapters 2 & 3 by Dr. Jay E. Adams

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